CAP CASTELL. Deepest point –20/ -35 m

It's a comfortable beginners dive, since it does not present difficulty and can be enjoyed at relatively little deepness.

At –22 m, a group of gilt-heads, sargus, lobster and grouper will accompany us while we enjoy the feeling of flying that a wall dive provides.
PUIG DE LA SARDINA. Deepest point –37 m

It's an underwater hill, some 200 m off the coast. It raises from the –37m at its base to the –13 at the top.

The dive starts at the bottom and we go round the hill climbing up. At the bottom, we enjoy big amounts of the elegant temporaler (Anthias).
Higher up, yellow and red gorgonia (Paramuricea), surrounded by shoals of burres and the blue as a backdrop, offer impressive views.
FURIÓ DE FITOR. Deepest point –60 m

It's another hill south of L'Estartit, near the Cape of Begur. Its base is more than -60 m deep and its top is at –14 m.

The vertical walls are carpeted with gorgonies and there are plenty of lobster and haddock. It's a really unique dive for the most experienced.
PEDRA DE DÉU. Deepest point –20 / -45, depending on expertise

During this dive, we can admire some of the most magnificent yellow and red gorgonia (Paramuricea Clavata) walls in the Medes Islands, as well as a the great variety and quantity of fish for which the islands are known.

In the deepest spot, there are a couple little caves full of lobster and red coral.
POTA DEL LLOP. Deepest point: -25 / -50 meters, depending on expertise

If we continue along the Pedra de Déu walls towards the East, we get to the area known as Pota del Llop, thus called because the rock formation above sea level looks like the footprint of a wolf.

The dive offers, like the previous one, impressive views of gorgonia walls. At the deepest point, there is a small cave extending into a chimney which can take us a few meters higher.
CARAI BERNAT. Deepest point: -20/ -55m, depending on expertise

This is the islet situated furthest to the East in the Medes, and one of the best known areas in the reserve.

The beds around this area allow for many different types of dive, fit for all levels and tastes: gorgonia walls, grouper, sea bass, gilt-head, ...
MEDALLOT. Deepest point: -30m

The Medallot is the islet situated to the North of the big Meda island and which resembles the shape of a boot.

It’s one of the less frequented areas in the reserve and this fact shows in the attitude of the fish, much more elusive than their neighbors in more popular diving spots.
Here we will spot groupers, large scorpion fish, octopus, sargus, gorgonia, and so on, plus a cave of red coral, yellow madrepores and lobster.
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