This is the opportunity to discover the underwater world in a single day.
For us, it is not just about taking you under the water holding your hand, but we intend that you experience the first sensations of a diver and consists of:
1- Explanation of the basic points (approx 20 minutes).
2- A first immersion in our pool to practice a little and get used to the equipment and breathing underwater. Learn calmly before going to sea.
3- An introductory activity for diving at sea, leaving by boat. The duration of the dive will depend on your air consumption and your fatigue. Normally we are between 25 and 35 minutes underwater.
Having done the previous practices in the pool, this dive will be easy and comfortable, and we can dedicate ourselves to look at fishes, stars, octopuses, etc.
REQUIREMENTS: Only know how to swim, have the desire to spend it very well and fill out this Medical Statement.
TOTAL DURATION: between 3.5 and 4 hours.
TOTAL PRICE: 99 euros in high season and 91 euros in low season.

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