REGGIO MESSINA. Deepest point -35 meters

It's a ferry-boat of some 115 meters which used to carry trains to Italy.
After spending some years half wrecked in Barcelona's harbour, it was towed to l'Estartit in 1991 and let sink at the same spot where it is today.

Its huge rooms, its mast and its wrought iron give the place an eerie and imposing atmosphere, broken now and then by a shoal of sea bream, mackerel, sargus and the familiar lobster.
AVVENIRE.(THE MARBEL CARGO) Deepest point -42 m

This is the popular name given to a ship actually called Avvenire, a 50 meter freighter loaded with marble which sank in 1971 after crashing into the Montgri coast.

It stayed perfectly upright upon the sand bed, as if it was still sailing.
Because of its location 2 miles off the coastline, this dive in free waters, offers a magnificent opportunity to plunge the "deep blue". After descending some 25 or 35 meters (depending on the clarity of the waters the day of the dive) one begins to distinguish the shapes of the ship under.
Camping les Medes
Parc Natural del Montgrí
Mission Deep Blue
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