TUNEL DE LA PEDDROSA. Deepest point –20/-33 m, depending on experience

This tunnel which crosses the islet known as La Pedrosa, is some 70 m. long, completely straight and really wide and high, so that it presents no difficulty.

Also, it is always lit. Its walls are carpeted with coloured corals, sponges and anemones. The views against the light at its Eastern end make of it one of the most beautiful tunnels in the area.
TÚNEL DE LA FERRIOLA. Deepest point –22/ -33 m, depending on experience

It is 30 m. long, very wide and fairly well lit, so that it is not a difficult dive. Inside it, the walls are coloured by the several species of invertebrates. The light coming from its two mouths makes for beautiful sights, and in its holes, we can usually see haddock or conger.

Once out of the tunnel, if we take a tour around the islet, the octopus, the lobster and a few other species of fish will become the leading roles.
TÚNEL DEL DOFÍ. Deepest point -25 m

The little sculpture of a dolphin placed at its mouth give this tunnel its name. It crosses the Small Meda islet. It is 30 m long, fairly wide and fairly lit. It's an easy dive. In this area, the great variety and amount of fish, together with a magnificent red coral wall only 12 m deep, is the most remarkable, red grouper being the most spectacular species.

During the same dive, we can also cross the Long Tunnel, of 90 m with beautiful gorgonia walls at its Northern mouth.
TÚNEL DE LA VACA. Deepest point -25 m/ -35 m

One of the most popular diving spots in the Medes Islands. It's perfectly straight, wide and very well lit.

From inside it, great sights against the water can be enjoyed. At its northern mouth, the leading role is taken up by the gorgonia Paramuricea Clavata walls, the great amount of big fish, as groupers Ephinephelus Marginatus, gilt-heads Sparus Aurata and brown meagre Sciaena Umbra.
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