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Do you want to know the coast of l'Escala? With our friends from Orca Diving ... without a doubt ... it's the best way !!!
Do not hesitate to contact them!
eco diving

If you plan traveling from Holland, no doubt, the best choice is our agent Ronald Faber

Don't hesitate to contact him !!
Dive into safety, join DAN! 

Joining DAN you come aboard the world's biggest diving medical assistance organization. DAN is a global network, by your side wherever you go.

Over 180 DAN doctors, the best specialists in their respective countries, are at your disposal on a 24/7 basis, to assist you in case of need.

Scientists and researchers of prestigious universities cooperate with DAN to make diving safer. With your membership fee you support DAN's research activities. Over 16.000 emergency calls are handled by DAN every year. 

Hundreds of Hyperbaric chambers are included in the DAN network. They are all selected according to safety and reliability criterias.

A global network of diving lawyers are ready to offer you legal advice and to defend you if necessary.

Joining DAN you get the best diving insurance covers on the market. Over 400.000 divers are DAN members.

diving fornells                                            

Diving Center Fornells 

Dive the Marine Reserve of Northern Menorca
Staff menorcan with extensive experience
Three boats VALIANT DR 750 for 12 divers
More than 30 different dive spots (marine reserve and caves)
Special rates for groups
PADI Courses
Baptisms of boat diving in the marine reserve

Encourage one to know!!
Camping les Medes
Parc Natural del Montgrí
Mission Deep Blue
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