If we intend to dive at a certain depth, or make several successive dives, our available time without decompression stops is greatly shortened. Do we want to continue diving without having to make deco stops? The NITROX is the key.
In many diving centers and cruise ships you will have NITROX available, but you will only be able to use it with a valid NITROX certification like the one you can obtain with our course.
With the SSI NITROX Specialization Course you will learn everything you need to know about NITROX. In addition this course is also a prerequisite to be able to start in Technical Diving.
The course consists of:
- ONLINE THEORY. Knowledge about the mixture, the analysis, the benefits, the inconveniences, ... Once here in the center, we make a final test and a review of all the doubts.
- PRACTICAL SESSIONS. At least two immersions in the sea with NITROX to practice the analysis and programming of the computer, as well as to see the differences in NDL in relation to air.

- Online manual.
- 2 dives in the sea with NITROX.
- Processing of the degree.
REQUIREMENTS: Open Water Diver qualification or equivalent, diving insurance (we can process it here), valid Medical Certificate (maximum two years).
PRICE: 150 euros (-10% groups 4 pax)
Combine other specialties while you take the NITROX course! The specialties of Navigation or Perfect Buoyancy are perfect!
For more information about the Specialty Programs contact us - info@aquatica.cat
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