Diving since: 2011
In Aquàtica since: April 2017
What I do in Aquàtica: Dive guide, Instructor, bio-ecological outings of snorkel and tell jokes ;)
I speak: Catalan, Spanish, English and a little of French

Nautical certification: harbor master courses / SMSSM radio operator / marine / first aid on board / personal boat captain.
Snorkel certification: Snorkel Instructor with big experience.
Apnea certification: Basic Freediving Instructor.
Tourism certification: Authorized guide of the Les Medes Montgrí i el Baix Ter Natural Park.
First aid: Stress and Rescue / React Right Instructor / Specific health training. 
Studies: Bachelor degree in Biology at University of Girona / Master degree in Marine Biology at University of La Laguna (Canary Islands) / Master's degree courses in marine flora taxonomy at the University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC) of Paris, realized at the biological station of Roscoff / Marine litter expert courses in open University of the Netherlands.

Favorite dive site: all of them, each site has a particular charm that I will transmit you.

Not aquatic favorite point of the Natural Park: the flood zones near the coast, where live many birds. There are many caches from which we can observe the ornithological fauna, near the river, at the bassa d'en Coll... If you want to spend a moment to look at them, just tell me and we will enjoy the beauty of this place.

Dive equipment :
Suits: wet suit Mares Pioneer 7mm and dry suit Mares Profit
Boots, hood and gloves Mares
Fins: Mares Avanti 4
BCD: Mares Prestige
Regulator: first stage Mares 15X, second stage and octopus Mares Prestige
Mask: Scubapro, Subaqua and Mares
Torch: Mares Eos 7rz and Subea SCD spot
Knife: Mares force plus

What do you like apart of diving? Among my numerous passions, we can highlight the observation of birds, skiing, listen rocksteady/ska music, sail, wild photography, observation of whales or solo adventures lost in the mountains.
Camping les Medes
Parc Natural del Montgrí
Mission Deep Blue
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