Diving since: 2014
In Aquàtica since: 2014
What I do in Aquàtica: I work as an instructor teaching courses or guiding groups underwater.
I speak: Spanish, Catalan, English and French
Nautical qualification: At the moment none but it will not take long.
Qualification Snorkel: Snorkel Instructor
Apnea Titling: I do not have it but I would love it for my budget
Guide Titration: Authorized guide of the Les Medes Montgrí i el Baix Ter Natural Park
First aid: Rescue and React Right instructor, initial health training.
Studies: I am studying Aeronautical Engineering at the UPC
Favorite dive spot: Although the choice is difficult, El Dofí. The tunnel system amazes me.
Favorite non aquatic point of the Natural Park: El Castell del Montgrí. One of the highest points of the Park and without doubt with spectacular views.
Diving equipment:
Fins Mares Avanti Quatro
Mares booties
Wet suit Scubapro everflex 7mm and dry Scubapro everdry
Jacket Scubapro Seahawk
Apex ATX40 DS4 regulator
Scubapro Solo Mask
Scubapro hood 5mm
3mm Mares Gloves
Mares Quad computer
Boya Mares
What do you like other than diving? I like to play tennis, ski and fly. Everything that is related to the planes fascinates me.
Camping les Medes
Parc Natural del Montgrí
Mission Deep Blue
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