Diving since: 2009
In Aquatica since 2020
Nautical qualification: Recreational boat skipper, SCTW, Passenger boats, Rescue boats. I have currently completed the Port Master course and am doing my internship with MariaMir.
Snorkel Qualification: Snorkel Instructor
Studies: Biology from the University of León, Master in Marine Biology from the University of the Balearic Islands
Diving equipment:
Dress: Mares Protherm
Pumps: Mares Classic NG
Fins: Avantiquatro
BCD: Scubapro Hydros Pro
Regulator:-Scubapro MK17
Mask: Mares XVision
Computer: Mares Quad
I love traveling and testing myself in new contexts, reading, the cinema, playing board games, practicing paddle surfing, children, cooking, rich food, writing, drawing, sharing my time with friends and family.
My favorite dive spot in Les Medes is El Guix
Camping les Medes
Parc Natural del Montgrí
Mission Deep Blue
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