I dive since 2008
I work at Aquàtica-Illes Medes since July 2017
What I do in Aquàtica? I’m here as Instructor and guide immersion. 
I speak french and spanish.
Certification nautic: Captain
Certification Snorkel: Snorkel Instructor
Certification FreeDiving: For the moment I just have certification with french federation.
Guide certification: 
accredited underwater guide of Natural Park of Montgrí, les Illes Medes and el Baix Ter.
I have diploma BAFA (to work with children) speciality lifeguard
Favorit dive site: Las Vetes, for my it’s beautiful dive with all tunnels and air chambers.
Favorit no aquatic spot of the natural park: Roca Maura antenne, there is a beautiful view with sunshine in the forest and moonrise on the Medes.
Diving equipment: 
Humid Suit Aqualung 7mm ou DrySuit Scubapro Everdry 4. 
Boots Mares
Gloves Tribord
Hood Scubapro.
Fins Mares avanti 4
BCD Scubapro Seahawk , 
Scuba regulator First stage (DIN) Aqualung Legend Lux, second stage principal Aqualung Legend Lux, rescue Aqualung Legend, 
Mask Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquid skin ou Cressi, 
Lamp Mares eos15rz 
Knife Scubapro
What do you like apart from diving ? I do a lot of bike ans I take music
Camping les Medes
Parc Natural del Montgrí
Mission Deep Blue
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