Diving since: 2014
In Aquàtica since: Basically since I started diving
What I do in Aquàtica? I try to share my passion for diving and my knowledge so that everyone can enjoy to the fullest! I also take care of the material, the reviews and those things ... Ah! And also from the part of Apnea, so you know how to make apnea that the bottle weighs a lot jajaj
I speak: Catalan, Spanish, English and French
Nautical certification: Captain.
Snorkel certification: snorkel instructor
Apnea certification: Instructor L1 and L2 Freediving
Tourism certification: Higher degree of Guide information and tourist assistance and accredited underwater guide of Natural Park of Montgrí, les Illes Medes and el Baix Ter.
First aid: Sports technician in first aid, React Right Instructor
Studies: Sports technician scuba diving, sports technician in rescue and lifeguard, GIAT's top degree.
Favorite dive spot: I ​​really do not have a preferred point, since everyone has their special point both inside and outside the reserve.
Not aquatic favorite point of the Natural Park: El Montgrí, Rocamaura, ... All these points are perfect to disconnect, go running, walk .. and above all relax for a while that we all like!
Diving equipment:
Wet suit: Pionner 7mm + shorty
Dry suit: Mares
Fins: Avantiquattro Mares
Spotlight: Mares eos 4rz
Jacket: Dragon
Regulator: first stage Mares 52X and second stage Mares Fusion + R190
Mask: Beuchat max luxury (green) +
What do you like other than diving? Everything related to the sea, the mountains, sports, disconnect from routine, go camping, go on a motorcycle ... I also like to discover new places and travel, alone or accompanied is not a problem. I am a fan of extreme sports, which I think make you know well how you are and discover new emotions.
Camping les Medes
Parc Natural del Montgrí
Mission Deep Blue
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