Want to discover a new way to immerse yourself?
Maybe you ask yourself what is the "Freediving" ... do not worry, we will make you discover it now!
What is apnea and what does it consist of?
Apnea or freedive, consists of diving without bottles, with a single breath we have enough, we relax, we take the air and the immersion begins.
During apnea, we fight against the most basic need of the human being: to breathe.
For this, we will learn to relax and reduce the need for oxygen in our body, which will allow us to reconnect and discover what we are capable of, beyond our fears, our limits and our own personal brands.
How to enter the world of apnea?
Well, it's very simple, we offer different courses for everyone, but be careful, once you start, you'll only have one question; Why have not I tried before?
Do you already practice apnea?
Underwater fishing, photography, video, fun ... Have you ever made the transition from the surface fins-mask-snorkel to a bit of diving ...? For you, we also have classes and things to teach you!
Camping les Medes
Parc Natural del Montgrí
Mission Deep Blue
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