The objective of the Dive Guide program is to provide students with the knowledge and training to be able to supervise and guide certified divers in recreational diving dives.

Medical Certificate, with an antiquity of no more than one (1) year, indicating that the candidate is suitable for diving.
CPR and First Aid training documentation with an age not exceeding two (2) years
Oxygen Provider training documentation with an age not exceeding two (2) years
Minimum age: 15 years
Have registered a minimum of 40 open water dives with a total of 25 hours or more. (50 dives registered to be able to issue the certification)
Have a Stress & Rescue Diver certification or equivalent.
Have completed the following Specialty programs or provide an experience test as a record of a minimum of five (5) experience dives in the following areas:
• Night Diving / Limited Visibility
• Deep Diving
To be able to work as an active Dive Guide, you must be 18 years old.
SSI recommends that all SSI Diver Professional candidates be certified in Nitrox Enriched Air.
Recommended hours to complete the course: 35-45 hours (6 DAYS)
The number of classes, schedules and sessions per day are established by the Instructor himself, according to the needs and abilities of the students and the water conditions.

PRICE: € 457
The price includes:
• Digital Certification Card SSI (D-Card) and Physical Certification Card (C-Card)
• Bottles and Leads
• Online streaming training and video materials
• Interactive Review Questions, Personal Notes & Favorites
• Student's manual in digital format
• Exam fees
• Processing of the certification
Price does not include:
• Student's diving equipment
• Cost of the medical certificate
• Registration in the SSI professional register if applicable (€ 50 plus VAT)
• Candidate accommodation if needed
Camping les Medes
Parc Natural del Montgrí
Mission Deep Blue
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