deep diving
Deep diving is very easy. We just have to swim down !!
Now, do we want to do it maintaining the same levels of safety and comfort as in the shallower dives? If the answer is yes, we need the proper training. The specialty course in DEEP DIVING will provide us with the knowledge, skills and practice necessary to make these dives comfortable and safe.
Many dive sites allow fantastic dives between 0 and 20 meters deep, but there are also many that hide intriguing secrets between 20 and 40 meters. Let's explore the great blue!
The course consists of:

- ONLINE THEORY. Knowledge about decompression, consumption, narcosis, ... Once here in the center, we do a final test and a review of all the doubts.
- PRACTICAL SESSIONS. At least three dives in the sea to practice the different techniques while progressively increasing the depth to reach 40 meters.

- Online manual.
- 3 boat practice dives.
- Processing of the degree.
- Use of specific accessories: balloon deco, reel.
REQUIREMENTS: Open Water Diver qualification or equivalent, Diving insurance (we can process it here), current Medical Certificate (maximum two years)
PRICE: 190 euros (-10% groups 4 pax)
Combine other specialties while you complete the DEEP DIVING course! The specialties of DIVING WITH NITROX or DIVING IN PECIES are perfect!
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