We continue to train, to improve our techniques and to improve our personal brands ... It is time to take a new step and relaunch this new challenge of level 2. To reach level 2, it is necessary to have a certification level 1 and a minimum of 6 dives. checked in.
The program aims to improve the techniques and knowledge already acquired and to introduce new modalities, in particular the one we will put into practice in greater depth.

Is it possible to make a free fall underwater? Come to discover it!
This training is composed of three parts:
A theoretical part of 3 chapters during which we will deepen the knowledge of the various techniques used previously, we will learn advanced techniques that will allow us to improve our brands, our safety and our hydrodynamics of water
A practical part of a minimum of 2 sessions during which we will practice STA (static apnea) and DYN (dynamic apnea) where we will develop safety techniques, relaxation techniques.
A practical part in a natural environment of 2 sessions: we will continue our learning and our training in natural environment and we will discover the importance of a good companion for the water and the security in apnea. We will improve our techniques and our relaxation to reach a maximum of 30 m safely.
During the course, we will improve our brands in the different specialties of apnea ... 2.5 minutes STA (static apnea), 50 m DYN (dynamic apnea) and  (CWTconstant weight between 20 and 30 m.
Minimum age: 15 years
Prerequisites: to swim
Duration: 3 days
For more information, please feel free to contact us.
Camping les Medes
Parc Natural del Montgrí
Mission Deep Blue
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